Other HVAC products

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

BTU Meters

The heat and cooling meter Superstatic 440 is designed and optimised to measure the consumption of thermal energy in any district, heating district cooling or building management system for the individual billing of thermal energy cost and can be easily integrated in any Smart Metering environment.

• Complete range of flows 1 - 1500
  m3/h / DN 15 – DN500
• No moving parts
• Only the measuring head must
  be changed – the pipe stays in
  the system
• Same measuring head for all sizes

• Same meter for, horizontal riser
  and down pipes installation
• Corrosion resistant materials
• Stand alone, M-Bus & Radio
  communication modules options
• Energy readings in KWh, MWh,
  MJ, GJ or BTU

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Ventilation Fans

A wide range of high quality ventilation fans made in the USA, including:
• Centrifugal Roof Ventilators
• In-Line / Ceiling & Cabinet Fans
• Sidewall Fans & Utility Fans
• Propeller Roof Ventilators

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Air Terminal Systems (VAVs)

• Induction Duct Terminal Units
• Bypass Terminal Units
• Fan Powered Variable
Parallel Terminal Units
• Fan Powered Constant &
Variable Series Flow
Parallel Terminal Units
• Single Duct
Air Terminal Units
• Linear & Laminar flow diffusers

Duct Smoke Detectors

The SL-2000 series Smoke Detector made in the USA is the largest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

• Visual indication alarm
• Interconnection up to 30 units
• Over 15 remote accessories available
• Five volt contact (NO & NC) for different applications
• Dust Filtering

• Ionization and photoelectric types
• Marks of UL, CSFM and MEA
• Compliance of NFPA regulation
• Compatible with BMS and fire alarm
• Ambient temperature up to 70oC

Air Pressure Sensing Switches

Cleveland Controls offers more air pressure sensing switch features than any other manufacturer. Some of these are listed below:

• Orifice dampeners
• Barbed fittings
• Manual reset
• Gold contacts
• Salt-spraying and other special
• Indicator light
• Time delay relays
• Interposing relay for “DPDT”

• CSA, CE, FM, UL approvals
• Factory-calibrated and factoryfixed
set points
• Visual set point indicators
• Operation indicators (mechanical
and visual)
• NEMA-rated housings
• Field-adjustable replacement kits • Sample line probes
• Adapter for flexible tubing

In addition to the products shown in this website, for certain markets we also supply Dehumidification Equipment, HVAC Coils, Air Outlets, Air Filters, Fiberglass & Rubber Insulation,  and other HVAC related products. For more information please contact us with your requirements.