Saif International Group


Saif International Group was founded in 1989 by technical businessmen with the ambition and strategic plan to organize a global professional group of technical providers of integrated HVAC and related Industrial Systems, Equipment, Products and Services.


Toronto, CANADA - Since 1989
Dallas, Texas, USA - Since 1990
Dubai, UAE - Since 1996
Cairo, EGYPT - Since 1999
Beijing, CHINA - Since 2003
Baghdad, IRAQ - Since 2004
Erbil, IRAQ - Since 2010

Based in Dubai, Saif Middle East has been providing the UAE and the rest of the Middle East with high quality comprehensive HVAC Systems including Domestic, Commercial and Industrial A/C Equipment, HVAC Controls Instruments, Products and Systems, Indoor Pool and Spa Dehumidification Systems, Ventilation Systems, Energy Management and Metering systems, and Air Quality Control Products and Systems.

Representing well known international brands, Saif assures its clients of high quality products and services along with committed after sales services.

Through its extensive experience in the region, Saif has developed accumulative competence for catering to the specific requirements of Contractors, Traders, OEMs, Specialty Trade Clients, Developers and Government Authorities.

Our long list of references in the Middle East includes prestigious world class projects such as those in the UAE including Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai), Jumeirah Islands, Jebel Ali Airport, Fujairah Hospital, Palm Jumeirah, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum’s new Palace and the well known Conference Palace in Abu Dhabi.

In Egypt we have served the Nile City Plaza, Oncology Hospital, Sanstefano Plaza, New Cairo Airport, the Egypt Grand Museum, and Sharm El-Sheikh Airport.

In Iraq we have served the Baghdad Governorate Headquarters, the Ministry of Housing building, Asiacell Communication Data Centre, Al Hilla Burn Hospital, and the University of Karbala.

We commit ourselves to represent, promote and supply only high quality equipment, components and systems, as well as assigning competent staff to carry out the required technical and commercial matters. In addition, we commit to maintaining sincerity with our buyers, and caring for the interest of the end users along with the long term satisfaction of our clients through all our provided services.

An integral part of our business program is developing the scope and depth of our product range to increase its overall comprehensiveness, meeting high standard expectations in current and future developing markets, including caring for the aspects of the Green Environment Movement.